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    a group meditation session

    Fitness & Relaxation Programme

    Exercise and relaxation techniques for treating addiction.

    Sanctuary Lodge looks to provide you with a full rehabilitation experience. While recovering from addiction, it’s important that you care for your mind, spirit, and body. A healthy, active lifestyle can help realign the mindset that your body needs nourishment and care.

    Why sanctuarylodge
    Why Sanctuary Lodge?

    We are a secure facility with a modern vision for the way treatment works. If you are looking for a proven, traditional addiction treament – we provide this alongside some of the top contemporary therapies including CBT, DBT and holistic treatments to help you find the pleasure in keeping yourself fit and being creative. When you come to Sanctuary Lodge, you will receive:

    • 24/7 support and assistance
    • A personalised treatment plan
    • Aftercare sessions and counselling
    • Unit 1, Floor 1 Imperial Place,
    • Maxwell Rd, Borehamwood, WD6 1JN

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    Sanctuary Lodge is equipped with a gym and we encourage you to find room for a workout routine in your new, healthy lifestyle.

    For most people, an active lifestyle has many benefits. Your mood improves, you feel stronger and more energised and you feel more confident. (1) Participating in a regular gym routine can help you in your recovery. After experiencing some loss of control while battling addiction, taking charge of your health and your body helps you to regain some control. Additionally, a routine can help make life feel normal and balanced again.

    If you’re undergoing medical detox, you may not have access to the facilities straightaway.

    the gym at sanctuary lodge
    a group nature walk

    Nature Walks

    For anyone who isn’t a fan of the gym or is unable to attend, Sanctuary Lodge recommends participating in nature walks. We don’t promote it as a specific fitness routine but recognise that it may be a healthy and positive outlet for some clients. Nature walks also offer the opportunity for meditation and inner reflection.

    Meditation & Yoga

    Meditation and Yoga have long been used as stress-reduction tools, and we’re proud to offer both classes here at Sanctuary Lodge. By learning to recognise and control negative emotions, you will be better equipped to deal with stressful situations. Yoga can help to improve your balance, focus and core strength, which can help boost your confidence and self-esteem.

    a meditation class at sanctuary lodge

    The Benefits of Physical Activity for Addiction Treatment

    Recovering from addiction often requires that you realign your priorities and make a shift in your mindset. While not a necessity for addiction treatment, physical activity does have many benefits. These benefits can help you regain control of both your life and your health.

    Stress reduction

    After as little as five minutes of exercise, you can experience a decrease in anxiety. (2) Physical exercise serves to reduce tension, calm nerves, and even provide clarity. Many people work through personal problems during a workout or use a workout to distract themselves. All these factors can serve to reduce your overall stress.

    Better sleep

    A hard workout will leave you mentally and physically exhausted, which can lead to a night of better sleep. A good night’s rest is essential during the treatment process so you can feel ready to take on each day and have the motivation to tackle any problems in front of you.

    Improved mood

    When you exercise, your body produces endorphins. (3) This release of endorphins gives you energy, makes you happy and improves your overall mood. A regular exercise routine can aid with depression and improve your self-esteem. As little as a 15-minute walk a day has been shown to reduce the risk of major depression by 26%. (3)

    Stronger immune system

    Regular exercise strengthens your body and immune system. Aerobic exercise can help move bacteria out of your lungs and airways. (4) Additionally, exercise increases your body temperature, which can delay or prevent the growth of bacteria. And lastly, regular exercise strengthens your white blood cells, which function in your body to fight off disease.

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