Our 5 Step Approach to Addiction Treatment

Admission, detox, rehab, aftercare and our life-long recovery community.

From the admissions process through to detox and rehabilitation, you get 24-hour support from a team of addiction specialists. If necessary, you’ll undergo medical detox, during which you’re given medication to help ease physical and mental withdrawal symptoms. Once rehab begins, your days are full of activities, psychotherapy and group therapy. Each session teaches you methods and coping mechanisms to avoid using and helps to guide you through the recovery process.

Recovery is an ongoing process, and we don’t say goodbye to you when your initial treatment has been completed. Research shows that the people who continue seeking care for at least one year after getting sober are more likely to enjoy long-term success. As such, we provide free aftercare for a year to all our clients, as well as a family support programme. We’re also excited to tell you that you’ll also become part of our UKAT Alumni lifetime support network.

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Step 1: Admissions

The admissions process is simple, and most importantly, it’s fast. We can usually admit clients within 24 hours of their request to take part in one of our treatment programmes. If you’re concerned that your substance use is spiralling out of control or you’ve relapsed following previous treatment, time is of the essence. Addiction is an illness that needs to be stopped in its tracks, and we can provide an immediate solution.

After speaking to one of our addiction specialists, you’ll fill out a questionnaire. This provides us with background information regarding the substance you’ve been struggling with and a bit of medical history. You’ll then be booked in as soon as possible. Upon arrival, our caring team shows you around and helps you to get settled in.

Admissions Process
Medical Detox

Step 2: Detox

Once you are settled into our luxurious facility, you’ll be assessed by a psychiatrist who specialises in detox. According to your needs, you may be offered a medically assisted detox. Opioid, alcohol and benzodiazepines can cause severe and sometimes dangerous withdrawal symptoms. To ease these symptoms and reduce the physical strain, we provide medication for the above addictions.

Detox in a residential facility is the safest way to go through the process. With around-the-clock access to our team of medical professionals, we provide unparalleled support. We know that for a lot of people, detox is the scariest part of rehab. At Sanctuary Lodge, we do everything we can to make the process as comfortable and pain-free as possible. Please understand that you don’t have to go through this alone.

Step 3: Rehab

Now that your body is ready, we begin to focus on giving you as many different methods of continuing your recovery long term as possible. Different things work for different people, which is why we implore you to jump in headfirst and immerse yourself in therapy. Our addiction counsellors and support workers oversee individual psychotherapy as well as group therapy. We provide a combination of traditional approaches, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)..

At Sanctuary Lodge, we treat the whole person rather than targeting addictive behaviour. In order to recover, you need to change your lifestyle to facilitate sobriety. This often means replacing negative coping mechanisms such as substance use with healthy ones. We have a fully equipped gym and encourage you to use regular exercise as a method to get better. We also offer daily holistic therapy such as yoga, art therapy, music therapy, mindfulness and meditation.

group rehab session
Why sanctuarylodge
Why Sanctuary Lodge?

We are a secure facility with a modern vision for the way treatment works. If you are looking for a proven, traditional addiction treament – we provide this alongside some of the top contemporary therapies including CBT, DBT and holistic treatments to help you find the pleasure in keeping yourself fit and being creative. When you come to Sanctuary Lodge, you will receive:

  • 24/7 support and assistance
  • A personalised treatment plan
  • Aftercare sessions and counselling
  • Sanctuary Lodge, Hedingham Road
  • Halstead, Essex, CO9 2DW United Kingdom

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Step 4: Aftercare & Family Support

We know that leaving rehab is an insecure time for a lot of people who are going out into the world sober for the first time in a while. All research into addiction and recovery has shown that people who continue treatment for at least a year after finishing rehab are more likely to sustain sobriety long term. That’s why we provide each client with a year of free aftercare, which involves a mixture of group and one-to-one counselling that directly follows on from your treatment.

Relapse prevention is one of our priorities, and a fully equipped support network is often the best way to stay sober. We also believe that family therapy is integral to ensure your loved ones understand your condition. During these sessions, a trained counsellor can help you and your family to communicate and make sure you’re reading from the same page.

Step 5: UKAT Alumni Programme

We’re delighted to offer our free lifelong support network to every client who successfully completes a rehab programme. A lot of people rely on drugs and alcohol to lubricate social situations. If you’ve been abusing substances for a long time, a large part of your friendship group may be made up of people who also abuse drugs or alcohol.

We’ve discovered that a major factor putting people off rehab is the notion they’ll lose their social life. With UKAT, it’s only just begun! You and your sober companions will enjoy parties, dinners, adventure days out and seasonal events, such as Christmas parties and summer barbecues. (4)

UKAT Alumni Event

Your care doesn’t end as you walk out of the door. Recovery is an ongoing process. This is why we provide free aftercare.

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